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Zorki-10 (Revue-10)
Zorki-11 (Zenit Junior)
2006. Sovietcams.
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Jupiter-3 (Zorki)


PT1605. Prototype lens, calculated by GOI in 1947. Under name "Jupiter". Focal length - 5 cm, aperture range f1.5 - f22. Focusing range from 1 m to infinity. Number of elements/groups: 7/3.  Angular field - 47º. Zorki (M39) mount.

Sample opposite scanned from GOI Catalogue (1963).


PT1605 - Jupiter-3 prototype lens.




PT1610. Seems to be an earliest version of regular Jupiter-3 lens, released by KMZ since 1948. Under initial name "ZK 1.5/50 mm". Signally different body finish, slightly changed the optical scheme of the lens (see picture below). An earliest so far known lens has s/n #000096 1948 (private coll.).



PT1610 - ZK  #000393 (1948).




PT1615. Under name "ZK Zorki" since 1949. Redesigned lens body without "ears" for diaphgram settings already. Released in 1949 only, so it's the less common to find version of the particular lens. An earliest so far known lens has s/n  #491123 (A.Nikitin coll.).


PT1615 - ZK Zorki  #491949.



PT1620. More common to find version of "ZK Zorki" lens with "ears" for diaphgram settings again.  Released in 1949-1950. Body otherwise identical to PT1615, see comparison picture with PT1610 below. An earliest so far known lens has s/n 492258 (SovietCams). 



PT1620 - ZK Zorki  #492258.



PT1625. Very interesting version of the particular lens with focusing lever. It looks like redone ZK Zorki 1.5/50 mm lens with Kiev (Contax) bayonet. Lens opposite has an extremely nice serial number #500000x (private coll.).

Lens opposite from private collection in Russia. 


PT1625 - ZK Zorki lens.



PT1627. Seems to be an earliest version of Jupiter-3 lens. Identical to PT1620, but under Jupiter-3 name already. Very limited batch released by KMZ in 1950-1951.  

Lens #5001663 opposite from Mao (Japan) collection.


PT1627 - Jupiter-3  #5001663.



PT1630. Seems to be an earliest version of the regular Jupiter-3 lens. Under Jupiter-3 name already. No more "ears" for diaphgram settings as on PT1615 (see comparison picture below). Released by KMZ in 1951-1956. An earliest so far known lens has s/n #5102801 (private coll.).



PT1630 - Jupiter-3  #5104275.



PT1635. New generation of Jupiter-3 lens, released by KMZ since 1955. Changed construction of diaphragm control, recalculated optical scheme (unconfirmed). New serial numbers system, starting from #000001. Very limited batch of these lenses released in 1955-1956. Lens below from private collection in Russia.

PT1640. Another version of Jupiter-3, released by KMZ in 1955 only (?). Signally changed  lens's body (see picture opposite). Changed construction of diaphragm control, recalculated optical scheme. Very uncommon to find. 


PT1640 - Jupiter-3  #5501231.



PT1650. Lens almost identical to PT1630, but released by ZOMZ (Zagorsky Optiko-Mechanichesky Zavod) in 1956-1962. Slightly changed body design, old ZOMZ logotype on the face plate (see comparison picture below).


PT1650 - Jupiter-3  #5710589.



PT1655. Lens identical to PT1650, but with new ZOMZ ("Zagorsky Optiko-Mechanichesky Zavod") logotype. Released in 1962-1964. 7-digits serial number. Some lenses have an additional "MADE IN USSR" markings on body. No otherwise visually different.



PT1655 - Jupiter-3  #6206273.



PT1657. ZOMZ lens identical to PT1655, but with new markings on the lens faceplate: "1:1.5  F=5 cm" replaced by "1.5/50". Slightly changed body markings, 6-digits serial number already. No more "П" ("P" - Prosvetlennij) character on the faceplate of the lens. Released in 1964-1975.


PT1657 - Jupiter-3  #752713.



PT1660. Seems to be the latest version of Jupiter-3 lens. Released by VALDAI ("Valdaijsky zavod Jupiter") in 1975-1988. Slightly different body finish (see comparison picture below). New markings on the lens faceplate: markings "1:1.5  F=5 cm" replaced by "1.5/50". "Jupiter-3" markings in Cyrillic characters.


PT1660 - Jupiter-3  #851420.