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Joe Grodis   E-mail: Wyoming, PA USA Home page: 2008-12-24 00:11
Wonderful web site. You work here has been very informative to me and friends alike. Keep up the great work! -Joe

Игорь   E-mail: Биробиджан Home page: 2008-12-21 07:17
Мне до вашей коллекции еще далеко. К тому же в нашем городе, да и в области очень мало фотоаппаратов. Вот и собираю их по крупицам. Когда-нибудь у меня будет музей отечественной фототехники, а пока только виртуальная выставка. Зато все экспонаты реальны и находятся у меня. С уважением, Игорь

ats parve    tallinn   2008-12-08 23:13
yet i havent seen better overview of antique cameras, but youve managed to put vast quantities of information into such clear and simple form. total respect!

Mauro Defrancesco   E-mail: Venezia - Italia   2008-11-27 03:44
Thank you very much for you work! was useful to me for start my personal collection of Kiev. Best greetings from Italy.

John Gabriel Dearborne   E-mail: Kiryat Bialik, ISRAEL   2008-11-14 16:59
Congratulations to the homepage, it's wonderful! I own a 12XP, of course I don't use it any more, since I took on digital photography, but I still love Zenit, and I think that these cameras are indeed very fine. I read somewhere on the Web that KMZ has stopped the development of all 35 mm SLRs but two of them, and in the future they plan to build digital cameras. Let me put it this way: if the new digital cameras will be as good as the old film-based ones, we will see a renaissance of the Zenit brand! I'm planning anyway to get such a camera as soon as it will appear on the market.

Pier Luigi Mazzolani    Italy   2008-11-05 23:10
Many thanks for your work!

Remi        2008-11-04 01:31
Hi, nice site with great info on lubitel camera's and russian ones. Really got an appetite for more. I'm a proud owner of a lubitel one from 54. Only having and using it for a few monts... But I love it! Keep on with this site. (are those lightmeters findable? Like to keep it in style)

Ruben   E-mail: Berkel en Rodenrijs, Neth   2008-09-03 21:52
Very informative site. I especially like the work you have done on the Lubitels, since I have never seen such a good qualification of these cameras. Thanks a lot!

Игорь   E-mail: `   2008-07-30 09:45
здравствуйте, книги кот. изложены в обще списке - это лишь список либо реальные книги, что имеються у Вас? Если что-то отсканированое,что вы Вы можете отправить? Заранее спасибо)

Raf   E-mail: Antwerp - Belgium   2008-07-15 22:43
Not many people know this but I am the person that gave the Zenit XP it's XP name. As a business man dealing with Intertorg, an organisation of the minsitry of foreign trade in Moscow, I was discussing photo business with Mr. Kuznetsov, one of the department heads. At the end of the meeting he casually mentioned that they would bring out a new Zenit camera and if I had any suggestions about naming this camera. When back in Belgium I made several suggestions (by telex no fax or e-mail yet) and one of them was XP for extra precision. I did get a thank you telex a few weeks later informing me that XP was selected. I do own an xp camera myself and still use it occasionally. Regards, Raf van Gils

Riz Abbasi   E-mail: Karachi, Pakistan   2008-06-20 14:30
Hi, Great site. Great information. You have been 15 years sick and I am just one or two. Mercy! I have Lubitel 2, Zorki 4-K, and two Smena 8M. I am much eager to find 120 roll for Lubitel, it also need shutter service and speeds are not working. Zorki-4K's shutter speed setting ring is free plus it also needs service. I got Smena 8Ms bracd new, they seem nice fun cameras. So I am looking forward to able to use them. In addition I have: - Canonet - Adox Polomatic (de-assembled) - Seagull 4A-10 (TLR) - Halina-Viceroy (TLR) - Olympus PEN-D - Olympus OM-2N - Nikon F70 Good luck in your collecting and site. Take care and regards, Riz Abbasi

Anders   E-mail: Gothenburg, Sweden   2008-06-17 09:53
Hi! Great page, nice collection! I Myself have quite a few russian cameras: Lubitel 2, 2 Zorki 4, and I just recently found a Chaika 2. I have tried to find an intruction manual for this camera on the internet, but not succeded. Can you help me with this?

Ulrich      Home page: 2008-03-21 17:34
Very nice collection! I collect russian cameras too, but it will last some more years until I have so much as you have :-)

Wojtek    Warsaw, Poland   2008-02-16 14:30
Great webpage, reminds me of the old, good days and the adventure with my first SLR - Zenit 12 XP. Why do you think Zenit-35F (compact) is a mysterious one ? I used to own one... they came in a nice, plastic box with English manual. Unfortunately it broke very quickly. Maybe I should not have thrown it out ? Smile

Diego Cabassa   E-mail: Italy   2008-01-24 11:16
Great! very very good! thank for your job.

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