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Zorki-10 (Revue-10)
Zorki-11 (Zenit Junior)
2006. Sovietcams.
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Tatyana   E-mail: St. Petersburg Home page: 2011-12-30 21:19
Hello, when are you going to come to us in Russia? Sincerely Tatyana.

Mervyn    Leicester   2011-12-23 16:44
This is an excellent site for camera-obsessed people like myself. I did not realize that there were so many different Russian cameras outside the Smena, Lubitel, Zorki, Fed, Zenith, Kiev ranges. I have three Smenas, a Lubitel & a Zenith. I once bought a Zorki 4 new in the 60s - it worked fine except for uneven exposure across the frame width presumable due to focal plane shutter fault. All the cameras are built like "tanks", even the plastic-bodied ones. Thanks again for an ace site.

Mike raviv   E-mail: Nesher, Israel   2011-12-14 09:18
Great website. It just helped me to identify a GOMZ FK 13x18 which I purchased recently for my collection BSTRGRDS, Mike

Wayne Cornell   E-mail: Boise, Idaho USA Home page: 2011-12-07 03:47
I started collecting Soviet cameras in early 2002. At one time I had more than 100 ranging from an early FED NKVD to Leningrads and Kievs. Now I'm down to about 50 cameras--mostly FEDs and Zorkis. I'm not actively collecting now. You have some excellent information on the variations of the different models. Very informative.

Tarun Mahajan   E-mail: Indore (India)   2011-11-29 13:56
Hi, I have got an old Zenit EM (N 76042064) camera. It is of no use to me. If I could help you in any manner it will be my pleasure. you can mail me at tarunmahajanca@gmail.com or you can SMS at +919893040600

harry   E-mail: Guangzhou(Canton),CHINA/L Home page: 2011-11-13 20:33
thanks for sharing. i would like to write a blog showing the history and models of LOMO LC-A. and request for using some of the information(both pictures and texts) of your page.thank you.

Sumgait1    Worcester   2011-10-30 17:47
Thank you for a most informative site

Click Dastardly    Reading, PA, USA   2011-10-12 03:36
Thank you so much for the great reference information on these old cameras! Fascinating stuff!!

Collector        2011-09-21 09:18
Very interesting indeed. If you`ve put a collection of Russian lenses, which I presume you have , it would be simply perfect . Cheers my friend.

Backdoorman        2011-09-20 23:02
Great homepage, thanks for sharing all the information!

Dr Klaus Schmitt   E-mail: Weinheim/Germany Home page: 2011-09-18 17:14
Thanks for sharing all this valuable information! A great site, highly recommended! Dr Klaus Schmitt

ludwig   E-mail: ferrara, italy Home page: 2011-08-20 01:01
So happy with my Zorki 2S, and i'm waiting for my Fed1 and my Fed3 model B to come back from the lab. This site is very well done. A must see for all soviet cams lovers!

Bengt Björkbom        2011-08-13 22:28
Interesting reading about your Kiev cameras. (I have some early Kiev cameras and early optics to) Regards Bengt Björkbom Sweden

Mario   E-mail: Las Palmas de Gran Canari   2011-08-01 20:02
Sorry I only speak Spanish. I have a FED 3 camera has recorded the number 8391026 in the back of the body, more or less under the lens flash.En the number is 7107539. Can you tell me what year it is? Thank you.

Asha Jennifer Singh   E-mail: India   2011-07-21 10:58
I was just browsing the web to search for information regarding ZenitE camera and came across your website. I own a ZenitE camera # 74183195 which was my fathers's.

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