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Cherub    France Home page: 2014-05-10 16:49
Hi ! Congrats for a reference website about all the USSR classics ! Truly useful ! :-)

M. Virta        2014-03-29 09:53
I have a Zorgi 6 PM2050. I used it about 20 years but not anymore.

Remigijus   E-mail:     2014-03-25 13:45
Laba diena. Turiu tokį daiktą (станок контактной печати кп-7). Niekaip nesiseka rasti daugiau informacijos. Gal galite padėti?

Mark West   E-mail:     2014-03-04 03:40
I love to know more about these cameras! mwest@sevone.com

Jonathan Ramsdell   E-mail:     2014-02-09 05:57
All type-1 cameras have an unique feature - the lightmeter has no edges of rigidity! What the hell does this mean? Edges of rigidity? That makes no sense at all.

danilo magtoto   E-mail: Manila   2014-02-08 17:45
I want ot use russian camera!

Robert F. Mallon   E-mail: Whitby, Ontario, Canada   2013-12-31 04:35
FANTASTIC.. One of the most interesting camera sites I have yet to visit.. Kudos.

Татьяна   E-mail: Москва   2013-11-22 22:24
Здравствуйте. Огромное спасибо за сайт.Имею фотоаппарат ФЭД НКВД-СССР Харьковский комбинат имени Ф.Э.Дзержинского № 121239. Хотелось бы продать, интересует реальная стоимость.Спасибо.

Clemz   E-mail: Sherbrooke (Québec) Home page: 2013-11-18 02:39
Your web site is fantastic. Many good information. Itvs very helpful for a beginner like me. Thanks for your good work Smile

Free dating sites   E-mail: New York Home page: 2013-07-31 00:40
Hi, I have surely got to state, I enjoy your website. The colours, the format, the entire style, all of them go completely together. Anyway, that's all I really had to state.

Freddy   E-mail: Waarschoot Belgium   2013-07-25 10:16
Verry helpfull I just start my collection of Russian Cameras.

ovarda    Norway   2013-05-01 10:38
Very helpful, thanks !

Guchippai      Home page: 2013-04-21 21:58
Great site! I've recently grown more and more interested in Soviet cameras and I had fun reading your posts. Keep up the good job!

Tom May    USA   2013-04-06 20:57
People like you and your friends around the world make the internet a great place, thank you.

Gauthier Dumonde   E-mail: Gent Home page: 2013-03-03 14:06
Super Site ! My reference point for my ever expanding collection of Soviet cameras. Keep up the good work !

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