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Alfred   E-mail: Vienna   2010-09-25 13:30
Does anyone offer a KMZ Foton Camera?

Zorro   E-mail: Lubin Poland   2010-09-24 20:06
Świetna kompleksowa strona!!! Wychowałem się na Waszych aparatach!!! Przydałoby się polskie tłumaczenie.

Alex    Barcelona   2010-09-20 21:53
Un sitio web fantástico donde aprender mucho sobre las cámaras soviéticas tan desconocidas para nosotros en España. ¡Enhorabuena!

Simon        2010-09-16 00:12
A great reference site. I've just picked up a Smena-8 branded Cosmic 35 (Serial No. 258294) with the Gomz logo on the lens and a plain circle on the back. Original case also has the Gomz logo.

Jean    Paris   2010-09-08 14:02
this is a great site !

Andrew   E-mail: Vilnius Home page: 2010-09-04 21:55
Dear Friend, I'm so grateful that You always help me... Thank You so much! Andrzej Rawluszewicz

Philip Hale   E-mail: Leighton Buzzard, England   2010-08-13 18:47
Many thanks for putting this wonderful webpage together, it's just allowed me to identify the Lubitel-2 I purchased off of eBay as a type K1365, serial number 003722. Once again, thanks!

Dr Milos Mladek   E-mail: Vienna, Austria   2010-07-09 13:00
Dear Aidas, it is always a pleasure to visit your most beautiful homepage. It is simply outstanding! With my best wishes, yours, Milos.

Dirk Spennemann   E-mail: Albury, Australia Home page: 2010-07-02 17:56
Aidas, Many thanks for the help and also many thanks for the most impressive web resource you have developed!

Mark Waldron   E-mail: dublin, ireland Home page: 2010-06-19 23:52
Thank you for making this website! Very informative, fascinating stories and history. I have several FSU cameras. FED5 and 5B, Zenit11, Chaika3, Kiev35a, Leningrad and Kiev 88. I love them all! Thanks again. Mark.

Przemek   E-mail: Kraków Home page: 2010-06-04 04:48
Hello For starters thanks for all your hard work. And just to inform you, I'm yet another happy owner of Kiev 4 Type 4, with serial no. 7622809. I've inherited it after my grandfather who used it for a quite long time. So if you want to have this s-n down there in your database, it's okay with me. Cheers! Przemek

Brad Anastacio    Edgartown, U.S.A.   2010-05-28 20:17
Wow! I'm really enjoying this site. I've been looking into getting either a Leningrad or something of the type (Maybe even a Zenit) because I enjoy the history behind these cameras. I also enjoy the unrefined and tank quality of these types of cameras. I appreciate the work you've put into this site!

Eduard Bezdetko   E-mail: Kiev, Ukraine   2010-05-18 10:33
Dear sirs, Whether you are interested in purchase of classical Soviet cameras? Yours faithfully, Eduard e.bezdetko@yahoo.com

Tom    Antwerp, Belgium   2010-05-17 20:36
I enjoyed your beautiful website very much. I just got a FED 4b for my birthday, what an amazing camera. And what a history! Thank you. Tom

Simon Leung   E-mail: Vancouver, B.C.   2010-05-06 20:28
I've really enjoyed your fabulous website and learned a lot over the past couple of years about Zorki and Kiev cameras.

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