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Jose   E-mail: Miami   2018-01-28 13:49
Большое спасибо

Pamela   E-mail:     2018-01-19 12:52

Hilton Davis   E-mail: South Shields   2018-01-18 17:40
I still own a (working) Prinzflex 500 from 1971. As mentioned, this is a badged version of the Zenit B with 58mm Helios standard lens. It was sold in the UK by Dixons Photographic. I havent used it for a number of years but still check the shutter from time to time. This is a marvellous website, I have never heard of the late 20th century Zenit SLR cameras until now! Fascinating. I am also familiar with the rangefinder FED 3L & Zorki 4 cameras Good luck.

Denis   E-mail:     2017-11-19 21:04
I have version of Komsomolets camera which is not presented here (just another name marking). Does Author expected information from the guests?

Terry Byford    Birmingham, UK.   2017-10-22 19:23
Anyone with an interest in Russian cameras/lenses should make this site a must for information. It has helped me to accurately identify the cameras and lenses in my modest collection and I discovered that my (mint) Orion-15 in Contax/Kiev mount is somewhat of a rarity.

Alexander Pkhakadze        2017-10-19 11:21
Good job! Many thanks for very accurate and complete information. I guess there is reason why google has sovietcams on top of the list. Thanks to everybody who works for the project.

Michael Spengler   E-mail: Wiesbaden Germany Home page: 2017-09-04 18:01
This is definitly the best reference site about russian cameras. I don't know how many times I wached all the Fed, Zorki and Zenit. I bought by chance a FED (G), which has the dark brown body coverings. The serial number is #596440. So it seems to be really a serial property. I bought it as a PE0320 but it is a PE0325. Best regards Michael

Csaba    Budapest   2017-04-05 12:37
Congratulations first for this admirable work of reference. Owning a MIR camera of 1960 I would remark that after the speed of 1/500 there is a last dot on the disk (without engraved number of 1/1000), and the speed selector indeed can nest there down. See the image of the manual: http://www.zenitcamera.com/mans/mir/mir. html. (I could not measure yet the speed so far).

Peter    AUSTRALIA   2017-03-24 12:58
I have many Russian cameras that I was able to identify accurately thanks to this fantastic site. Accurate, informative and without equal. Highly recommended. Keep up the good work. Cheers, Peter.

Cliff Lamb   E-mail: newcastle Upon Tyne UK   2017-03-20 23:31
A great reference source identified my camera and enjoyed reading the history of FED I have a FED 1D PE0 250 camera Serial number 118577. My father bought it after WW2 in about 1947. I have the original FED 50mm f3.58 > f18 lens and also a genuine Leitz Elmar 5cm f3.5 > f22 lens. Which has been the lens predominately used. It was my first 35mm camera and I used it from about 1968. Still works and takes good crisp photos.

Nicklas   E-mail:     2017-03-17 03:16
Great page you have, had recently bought a FED-1 camera made in 1941 according to seller, found your site by accident when looking up this camera. Serial: 150889 Managed to find the type (PE0260), thank you for having this site that helped out identifying the camera!

luigi gesi   E-mail: Lodi - Italy Home page: 2016-12-27 10:59
Da inamorato di vecchie fotocamere sovietiche, non posso che congratularmi con lo splendido lavoro che avete fatto. Un fantastico punto di riferimento. Grazie ancora. Luigi

Nigel Cranham   E-mail: Bristol U.K.   2016-12-21 18:30
You have made a fantastic work of reference. When I was young I used to sell the Zenit camera for a living my experience was they were good workhorses and great value for money. It is a shame that Technical and Optical no longer exist, but thanks for an absorbing and excellent history of the camera.

Sanghun Lee    Seoul, Rep. of Korea   2016-11-29 07:00
What a fablous work you've done! Many thanks for all your works here, sir :D learned a LOT.

Santa   E-mail: Girona Catalunya Spain   2016-10-11 14:32
Congratulations for your page interesting and enjoyable! I just enrich my modest collection with a Moscow-4 It has been looking for information when I have given their well-documented web! Again, thank you very much!

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