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ivano catini    Brescia Italy   2011-06-26 22:17
great work, thank you a lot for all your effort for us, the "small collectors" everytime in difficult with strange models....now I proudly own a Voskhod !!

Henning Andersen   E-mail:     2011-06-14 18:40
Thanks for an informative. I was looking for some info about a Zorki 4, which was presented to my grandfather by Nikita Khrusjtjov during his visit in Denmark in 1964

Nikola Karacic   E-mail: siroki brijeg, bosnia and   2011-06-13 22:13
Beautiful web site, it is nice to see all cameras from mighty SSSR. I have zorki4 with 69032581. I'm not sure but I thing it is 3rd version A OR B, not sure. Anyway, best regards for web page and hopefully I'll send some pictures with this classic.

P.M.    Paris - France   2011-06-10 07:59
Many thanks for your wonderful web site. With it, J can to know very interesting datas from Russian camaras. Best Regards from France

John Kirkwood   E-mail: Perth, Scotland.   2011-06-07 18:51
Great site,I have a FED2 serial no.2323869, just bought it today.

T man   E-mail:     2011-06-02 02:43
Great site! Thanks for putting all of this together.

Ignas   E-mail: Siauliai   2011-05-11 20:39
Saunuolis! puikus puslapis su begale naudingos informacijos!

anthony   E-mail: honolulu   2011-04-17 22:38
i have started my russian collection this year with a Smena8m,Zorki-4,and El.535.. all to try with new film. the adventure begins..thanks for a valuable website.

SobikSaabik    Prague   2011-04-10 21:00
Nice site!! I love soviet cams! Thank you!

Hou Yin   E-mail: Singapore   2011-04-05 19:10
Great website! I learnt a lot about russian cameras from this as I didn't know the differences. Thanks!

William J Read   E-mail: Stafford, UK   2011-03-29 15:54
A first class swebite that brought the memories back for me. The Techical & Optical Equipment shop in High Holborn, London was a centre for Soviet equipment of all types, from the Astrad Solar and later Vega Selena radios to microscopes, telescopes and cameras. I own a range of Russian/Soviet optical equipment, including telescopes, binoculars, a monocular and a Fed camera... and a Polyot watch is on my wrist at the moment.

martinmalzwei   E-mail: vienna Home page: 2011-03-22 19:18
I NEED HELP! i own LOMO LC-A, the one with the GOST mark, not the ASA mark and i need help because i can't find a ASA/ISO to GOST converter! i searched the whole internet but all converters are wrong! i can choose between 16, 32, 65, 130 & 250 GOST, but what is what? thanks in advance and i love this website! i'm a huge 'fan' of russia/ussr and photography. much love from vienna, austria

ken smith   E-mail: nelson england Home page: 2011-02-22 10:26
thanks for a wonderful site I used to work for T.O.E subsidiary of mashpriborintorg importers to england of russian equipment so your site is like a trip down memory lane for me,keep up the good work and all best wishes Ken

Stamos   E-mail: Athens, Greece   2011-02-19 23:03
Excellent site, useful information regarding the Russian cameras and what a helpful person, Aidas! Thank you very much for the info and the quick replies!

Hubertus Bendi   E-mail: Lueneburg/Bleckede Home page: 2011-02-19 16:15
a great site you made! Amazing and with consolidated knowledge

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