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Pier Luigi Mazzolani    Italy   2008-11-05 23:10
Many thanks for your work!

Remi        2008-11-04 01:31
Hi, nice site with great info on lubitel camera's and russian ones. Really got an appetite for more. I'm a proud owner of a lubitel one from 54. Only having and using it for a few monts... But I love it! Keep on with this site. (are those lightmeters findable? Like to keep it in style)

Ruben   E-mail: Berkel en Rodenrijs, Neth   2008-09-03 21:52
Very informative site. I especially like the work you have done on the Lubitels, since I have never seen such a good qualification of these cameras. Thanks a lot!

Игорь   E-mail: `   2008-07-30 09:45
здравствуйте, книги кот. изложены в обще списке - это лишь список либо реальные книги, что имеються у Вас? Если что-то отсканированое,что вы Вы можете отправить? Заранее спасибо)

Raf   E-mail: Antwerp - Belgium   2008-07-15 22:43
Not many people know this but I am the person that gave the Zenit XP it's XP name. As a business man dealing with Intertorg, an organisation of the minsitry of foreign trade in Moscow, I was discussing photo business with Mr. Kuznetsov, one of the department heads. At the end of the meeting he casually mentioned that they would bring out a new Zenit camera and if I had any suggestions about naming this camera. When back in Belgium I made several suggestions (by telex no fax or e-mail yet) and one of them was XP for extra precision. I did get a thank you telex a few weeks later informing me that XP was selected. I do own an xp camera myself and still use it occasionally. Regards, Raf van Gils

Riz Abbasi   E-mail: Karachi, Pakistan   2008-06-20 14:30
Hi, Great site. Great information. You have been 15 years sick and I am just one or two. Mercy! I have Lubitel 2, Zorki 4-K, and two Smena 8M. I am much eager to find 120 roll for Lubitel, it also need shutter service and speeds are not working. Zorki-4K's shutter speed setting ring is free plus it also needs service. I got Smena 8Ms bracd new, they seem nice fun cameras. So I am looking forward to able to use them. In addition I have: - Canonet - Adox Polomatic (de-assembled) - Seagull 4A-10 (TLR) - Halina-Viceroy (TLR) - Olympus PEN-D - Olympus OM-2N - Nikon F70 Good luck in your collecting and site. Take care and regards, Riz Abbasi

Anders   E-mail: Gothenburg, Sweden   2008-06-17 09:53
Hi! Great page, nice collection! I Myself have quite a few russian cameras: Lubitel 2, 2 Zorki 4, and I just recently found a Chaika 2. I have tried to find an intruction manual for this camera on the internet, but not succeded. Can you help me with this?

Ulrich      Home page: 2008-03-21 17:34
Very nice collection! I collect russian cameras too, but it will last some more years until I have so much as you have :-)

Wojtek    Warsaw, Poland   2008-02-16 14:30
Great webpage, reminds me of the old, good days and the adventure with my first SLR - Zenit 12 XP. Why do you think Zenit-35F (compact) is a mysterious one ? I used to own one... they came in a nice, plastic box with English manual. Unfortunately it broke very quickly. Maybe I should not have thrown it out ? Smile

Diego Cabassa   E-mail: Italy   2008-01-24 11:16
Great! very very good! thank for your job.

P.O    Denmark   2007-12-17 00:51
Great website..was looking for information about Zorki - my dad took a lot of beautiful pictures with it (don´t know the model yet though) and here I found it - thank you :-)

Andrew   E-mail: Vilnius Home page: 2007-08-18 19:20
Labai profesionali, idomi svetaine. Matosi, kad sukure fotozinovas.

Фотолюбитель        2007-08-01 19:13
Идея хорошая, с наполнением тоже вроде вот ничего, но вот что фото камер такого поганого качества?

Darrell    Illinois Home page: 2007-06-08 05:01
Nice website. Very informative. I wish you had more info on the Skolnik. I'm looking for a manual in english. Yeah, I know wishful thinking.

Vladislav Kern    Chicago, USA   2007-06-04 06:26
I want to thank you for this amazing resource!! As a recent soviet camera collector this site had been a tremendous resource as a reference for my own collection. I just started so I visit your web site a few times a day! It's just excellent. Check out the start of my collection on Squirl (a great site for collectors by the way). http://squirl.info/collection/show/1964 I've used some of your site content for some of my descriptions, but I gave you full credit for it in my collection description. I hope you don't mind.

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