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Lennert Van Raemdonck    Budapest   2007-05-30 12:01
very nice website! keep up the good work!

Alberto Espitia   E-mail: México, D.F.   2007-05-09 03:49
Es una página valiosísima. Gran trabajo que nos orienta gratamente. Felicidades.

ALorenzo   E-mail: Barcelona   2007-05-07 01:05
Estupenda página! Muchas gracias por tu trabajo.

Guido Sintoni   E-mail: Ospedaletti, IM, Italy   2007-04-16 16:07
One of the loveliest and most complete websites about soviet cameras ever seen! Really a nice job, Aidas! Cheers, Guido

Joakim von Braun   E-mail: Stockholm, Sweden   2007-03-18 18:53
One of the best presentations of Soviet cameras I have seen. I liked the information about Soviet spy cameras very much . Keep it up!

Korney Okynek   E-mail: Baltimore, USA   2007-03-15 20:59
Thank you for creating such nice Web Side! Waiting for more!

Ertan EMEK   E-mail: istanbul/Turkiye   2007-03-10 16:34
Very well designed pages putting the documentary in front of the eyes. I collect many of these cameras and this site seemed to me like index photographicus. Congratulations...

Philipp   E-mail: near Hamburg, Germany   2007-01-18 00:34
Huge collection and a very nice site, a pleasure to navigate. Only one complaint : please correct all entries involving "Revue" or "Foto-Quelle", they are located in Western Germany.Apart from That, keep up the good work! CU, Philipp

Michel (France)   E-mail:     2007-01-11 23:53
Un très beau site, bien complet où l'essentiel se trouve. Félicittions.

GoK   E-mail:   Home page: 2006-08-01 07:40
Congrats on a great site well done. Good info and helps in a very attractive package ~ added to my favorites.

Enn Helemae   E-mail:     2006-07-03 18:45
Thank You for very nice site to learn more about Soviet cameras. I´m also collecting Soviet cameras about 2-3 years, (it´s very educating for many reasons). I have a question to You about FED-Zorki cameras. Can You determinate Your doubts about the camera You own. Why You think, it`s a counterfeit, (I have my own opinions, but I wanna be sure). I just obtained a FED-Zorki camera from 1949 (I think It´s 99,999 % original), and to be sure, I need some facts. Enn

Alfred Klomp    Netherlands Home page: 2006-06-28 01:00
Very nice site, clean and very complete. My compliments, keep up the good work!

Valentinas   E-mail: Kelmė Home page: 2006-06-05 16:34
Esu sužavėtas. Nuostabi ir labai turininga svetainė. Dar neteko rasti tokios išsamios fotoaparatų svetainės. Sėkmės Jums.

Korney Okynek   E-mail: Annapolis, MD, USA   2006-05-16 00:39
Great WebSide! Thank you for creating it!

gedax        2006-05-14 18:42
grazu daug info galetu buti ir lietuviu kalbaSmile

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