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Anders   E-mail: Savsjo, Sweden   2010-02-02 21:35
Hello Aidas, I hope that I can find some items for you . I also look at some Serman sites. Let us hope for the best. It was also nice to have met you. Send also my helo to your lovely wife. Best wishes from us.

Zoli    Petrosani   2010-02-02 11:03
Hi, i have a Lubitel2 2-d camera with an earlier serial number as the one shown here, my sn is: 051014

Morgan   E-mail: Växjö   2010-01-18 00:30
Hej, har skaffat mig en Zorki C2, med Industar 50 / 3,5 Huset nr. 58150195 Obj. nr N5810432 mvh Morgan En mycket fin sida du har Very nice web you got here

Matthew   E-mail: Melbourne Home page: 2010-01-15 22:40
Hi. This site is GREAT! It is such a good reference for, Soviet Camera's! I am in Moscow at the moment, and have been using your site as a guide for the camera's I find in the markets, and one's I'm looking for. Thanks for all the hard work and effort.

Bruno    Zurich   2009-12-30 19:37
Just love your site. I own a rather recent Kiev 4 AM and am now looking forward to a Horizon camera. Love your website for reference of the various cams of former CCCP as I am very interested in the analogue and mechanical photography of the older years. (still use my D 700... of course ;-)

Daniel Sánchez   E-mail: Braunschweig/Germany Home page: 2009-12-18 10:04
This is just an amazing site, congratulations! Very well done, and with tones of models, pictures, informations...just great. I found it looking for informations on my "new" Zorki-C (S), and i found here much much more than i could expect. Now i have to review much more of your web to update some infos in other cameras i have... Thank you and keep this site! Danimann

Oleg   E-mail: Moscow   2009-11-22 21:49
На ебее продается любопытная разновидность ФЭДа. Как вы считаете, это выпускалось заводом или переделка какой-то мастерской: http://cgi.ebay.com/FED-Siberia-original -FED-3-5-50mm-Lens_W0QQitemZ350276883981 QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?ha sh=item518e21160d

Edgar    France   2009-11-20 01:49
Is it true, that some of Soviet cameras was made in the goulags by prisoners?

David O\'Connor   E-mail: Dublin. Ireland   2009-10-29 22:50
My lense is MC Zenitar M2- 2/50 M46 X 0.75 SERIAL NO 98011144 More info on cameras to follow

Paul Desmond   E-mail: London   2009-10-26 17:30
This is great site, I use it all the time, I have an export model Leningrad with a Latin engraving Serial # 642826, with Jupiter 8, serial# 6335267. I thought you could add this to your list.

weston      Home page: 2009-10-26 11:23
I have found much useful and interesting information within your site and it has been a welcomed help to me.

Alexey   E-mail: Krasnodar   2009-10-15 23:19
Спасибо автору за трепетное отношение к любимому делу. Благодаря таким людям нам всем есть что посмотреть и чему поучиться. Огромное спасибо за Ваш сайт! Желаю Вам дальнейшего процветания и покорения новых вершин.

Кирилл   E-mail: Vinnitsya, Ukraine   2009-10-05 17:05
Являюсь владельцем Зенит - Е/ЕТ/11/122 + несколько объективов. интересуюсь советской фототехникой не первый год, но как не странно, именно на этом сайте нашёл такие модели, о которых на русско-язычных сайта даже и не знают. Большое спасибо автору!

Karthikeyan   E-mail: Coimbatore-INDIA   2009-09-13 15:41
I live in india and own a zenit-122 SLR [94168671] with lens MC ZENITAR-M 1.9/50 93010062] screw type and JUPITER -21M 4/200 [94002894] . I am not able to get general service done in India. Is there any way i can sell it .What will it be ita value ? Does ZENITH have SLR cameras. What will it cost and where can i buy it. - karthikeyan

David O\'Connor   E-mail: Dublin, Ireland Home page: 2009-08-27 03:04
Discovered the site, Great, I have two Zenit 35mm and two Kiev, a 4 and a 4M. Superb cameras if a little heavy.. They travel with with me across Ireland, U.K and France I will look in regularly as it is a great site

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