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Dirk Spennemann   E-mail: Albury, Australia Home page: 2010-07-02 17:56
Aidas, Many thanks for the help and also many thanks for the most impressive web resource you have developed!

Mark Waldron   E-mail: dublin, ireland Home page: 2010-06-19 23:52
Thank you for making this website! Very informative, fascinating stories and history. I have several FSU cameras. FED5 and 5B, Zenit11, Chaika3, Kiev35a, Leningrad and Kiev 88. I love them all! Thanks again. Mark.

Przemek   E-mail: Kraków Home page: 2010-06-04 04:48
Hello For starters thanks for all your hard work. And just to inform you, I'm yet another happy owner of Kiev 4 Type 4, with serial no. 7622809. I've inherited it after my grandfather who used it for a quite long time. So if you want to have this s-n down there in your database, it's okay with me. Cheers! Przemek

Brad Anastacio    Edgartown, U.S.A.   2010-05-28 20:17
Wow! I'm really enjoying this site. I've been looking into getting either a Leningrad or something of the type (Maybe even a Zenit) because I enjoy the history behind these cameras. I also enjoy the unrefined and tank quality of these types of cameras. I appreciate the work you've put into this site!

Eduard Bezdetko   E-mail: Kiev, Ukraine   2010-05-18 10:33
Dear sirs, Whether you are interested in purchase of classical Soviet cameras? Yours faithfully, Eduard e.bezdetko@yahoo.com

Tom    Antwerp, Belgium   2010-05-17 20:36
I enjoyed your beautiful website very much. I just got a FED 4b for my birthday, what an amazing camera. And what a history! Thank you. Tom

Simon Leung   E-mail: Vancouver, B.C.   2010-05-06 20:28
I've really enjoyed your fabulous website and learned a lot over the past couple of years about Zorki and Kiev cameras.

Pablo F. Ribelo   E-mail: Buenos Aires   2010-04-23 21:38
Thanks, It´s a great web site!.

Sigurd Rage   E-mail: Ås, Norway   2010-04-20 00:19
What a great site! I just found a Zorki-3 possibly type 2c from a street market in St. Petersburg for a cheap buck. I'm having a little trouble loading new 35mm film into it. It kinda works but the edge notches of the film will not fit into the studs of the timing rod. If anyone has a tip please email me!

Brian Tompkins   E-mail: Leeds   2010-03-23 23:10
Hi What an interesting site. I collect Kiev/ Contax cameras. Quite a good collection particularly of the earlier model. Easier to say what I haven't got, 1947 Model 11, 1951 111, apart from that I have a run from 1948. Quite a few as new in boxes with unwrapped accessories and in one case a receipt. I don't think the 1947 will turn up but I have hopes of the 1951 I'm no expert just a fan.

Kari Sistonen   E-mail: Helsinki   2010-03-02 16:13
Very informative website. i have Zenit and Zorki and they both works good. I have also Rubinar 8/500 and Helios 2/58. They fit good with Pentax digital body!

Petru DIMOFF   E-mail: Cluj-Napoca,Romania   2010-02-27 08:10
Hello everyone, I have a camera Smena 8M series 88,178,859. Sometimes when I get tired of my Canon more taking pictures and still works great. Congratulations for the site is something special. Sincerely, Peter DIMOFF

Kittitath    Bangkok   2010-02-20 09:58
Thank you very much for you site. I live in Bangkok Thailand with my Smena 8m , Fed 2 and Lubitel 166b . Very hard to find something like your site in my country.

Paul Desmond   E-mail: London   2010-02-19 19:15
Hi, I have a non commemorative FED 4 with serial # 6703864 with matching N-61 lens 6723976, is this unusual.

Bob van Hees   E-mail: Monnickendam   2010-02-18 14:06
Just discovered this great site. I am collecting russian camera,s now for 3 years,specially the copies of Leotax,Chiotax,Tanack and Reid and all kinds of Zorki,Fed,s and Mir,s. Greetigs from Holland.

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