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Mario   E-mail: Las Palmas de Gran Canari   2011-08-01 20:02
Sorry I only speak Spanish. I have a FED 3 camera has recorded the number 8391026 in the back of the body, more or less under the lens flash.En the number is 7107539. Can you tell me what year it is? Thank you.

Asha Jennifer Singh   E-mail: India   2011-07-21 10:58
I was just browsing the web to search for information regarding ZenitE camera and came across your website. I own a ZenitE camera # 74183195 which was my fathers's.

ivano catini    Brescia Italy   2011-06-26 22:17
great work, thank you a lot for all your effort for us, the "small collectors" everytime in difficult with strange models....now I proudly own a Voskhod !!

Henning Andersen   E-mail:     2011-06-14 18:40
Thanks for an informative. I was looking for some info about a Zorki 4, which was presented to my grandfather by Nikita Khrusjtjov during his visit in Denmark in 1964

Nikola Karacic   E-mail: siroki brijeg, bosnia and   2011-06-13 22:13
Beautiful web site, it is nice to see all cameras from mighty SSSR. I have zorki4 with 69032581. I'm not sure but I thing it is 3rd version A OR B, not sure. Anyway, best regards for web page and hopefully I'll send some pictures with this classic.

P.M.    Paris - France   2011-06-10 07:59
Many thanks for your wonderful web site. With it, J can to know very interesting datas from Russian camaras. Best Regards from France

John Kirkwood   E-mail: Perth, Scotland.   2011-06-07 18:51
Great site,I have a FED2 serial no.2323869, just bought it today.

T man   E-mail:     2011-06-02 02:43
Great site! Thanks for putting all of this together.

Ignas   E-mail: Siauliai   2011-05-11 20:39
Saunuolis! puikus puslapis su begale naudingos informacijos!

anthony   E-mail: honolulu   2011-04-17 22:38
i have started my russian collection this year with a Smena8m,Zorki-4,and El.535.. all to try with new film. the adventure begins..thanks for a valuable website.

SobikSaabik    Prague   2011-04-10 21:00
Nice site!! I love soviet cams! Thank you!

Hou Yin   E-mail: Singapore   2011-04-05 19:10
Great website! I learnt a lot about russian cameras from this as I didn't know the differences. Thanks!

William J Read   E-mail: Stafford, UK   2011-03-29 15:54
A first class swebite that brought the memories back for me. The Techical & Optical Equipment shop in High Holborn, London was a centre for Soviet equipment of all types, from the Astrad Solar and later Vega Selena radios to microscopes, telescopes and cameras. I own a range of Russian/Soviet optical equipment, including telescopes, binoculars, a monocular and a Fed camera... and a Polyot watch is on my wrist at the moment.

martinmalzwei   E-mail: vienna Home page: 2011-03-22 19:18
I NEED HELP! i own LOMO LC-A, the one with the GOST mark, not the ASA mark and i need help because i can't find a ASA/ISO to GOST converter! i searched the whole internet but all converters are wrong! i can choose between 16, 32, 65, 130 & 250 GOST, but what is what? thanks in advance and i love this website! i'm a huge 'fan' of russia/ussr and photography. much love from vienna, austria

ken smith   E-mail: nelson england Home page: 2011-02-22 10:26
thanks for a wonderful site I used to work for T.O.E subsidiary of mashpriborintorg importers to england of russian equipment so your site is like a trip down memory lane for me,keep up the good work and all best wishes Ken

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