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Bengt Bjorkbom    Stockholm   2012-12-20 17:04
Thanks for very interesting reading! I am interested in Kiev Cameras and early lenses. Just read about Jupiter-9 in LTM mount when I have some early ones. Some with 1.8 meter minimum focus distance. One of the lenses I have is from 1952, with closed fours, but as I said with the 1.8 meter minimum focus distance. Content is a Zeiss lens package, with serial number 2839783. According to Fabrication Buck Photo Optics, Carl Zeiss Jena (Hartmut Thiele) as part of this Sonnar in a group of 1000 finished 1945. But it is interesting enough to find Zeiss in a Jupiter-9 from 1952 with a Focusing Distance of 1.8 meters!

Degentd   E-mail:   Home page: 2012-12-09 15:05
A neverending source of information and reading. Well organized,good looking website with great photos. Congrats for the hard work. It would be awesome a pay-pal contribute/thankyou button!? We could say thank you contributing with some bucks to the effort.

Manuel Seib   E-mail:     2012-11-19 13:47
Hello my name is Manuel. And I come from Germany. Like your cameras very much.

Mark Harvey   E-mail: Sydney   2012-10-21 06:43
Your site brought back a few photographic memories. My first camera was a FED 4L Smile

Carl Lew    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia   2012-10-07 16:06
Thanks very much for your effort. I am now more knowledge on my just bought Lubitel 2. Very good to know the various version of the Lubitel 2. Well done.

Mary    Kyiv   2012-09-26 23:26
Greetings from Ukraine! thats great that Soviet cameras and optics are known worldwide! I have Zenit and Fed, I`ve bought them recently. It`s like a magic! I do not know, what was their history, they are older than me, and I treat them with great respect and love them! your site is very useful and convenient, thank you!

Jimmu   E-mail: Gostycyn, Poland Home page: 2012-09-23 16:45
Very nice website. Useful information, nicely collected and well organised. I really enjoy reading it.

Nick   E-mail: Saint-Petersburg   2012-09-11 20:14
Добрый вечер, Aидас. Сегодня был на эксукурсии на заводе Ломо, и Лазарь Семенович показал Ваш сайт. В моей коллекции есть Смена-35 белого цвета. Если нужна, то отправлю фото для размещения на сайте. Пишете мне на почту. Отличный сайт.

Diego Galípolo   E-mail: São Paulo - Brazil   2012-08-30 15:35
Amazing site!! I bought a red FED-2 camera and just found out it is a July/1957 camera!! Great website and awesome camera!!! Congrats!!!

Fayy Chiang   E-mail: Singapore   2012-08-18 10:56
These cameras are beautiful, I admire your collection. In my country, soviet cams are not readily available. I travel around and collect them. You motivate me to collect more! Haha!!

AndyH   E-mail: St Albans, UK   2012-08-14 11:54
This site has been an invaluable tool, for me to to identify my collection properly. I started with Bronica's and then was attracted to a Zorki 4K, after the Zorki, I have started down the slippery slope of mad eBay purchases (my wife's words not mine) and have a fast growing collection. I even have a Fake Leica, which is almost certainly a Zorki(1), I determined this from this site alone. Thanks for all of your work on this, I check it at least once a week now, and will continue to do so.

Jayme Firro   E-mail: São Paulo - Brazil   2012-06-25 03:06
Ótimo site! Excelente trabalho. Parabéns!

Juan Felipe Gómez   E-mail: Medellín Colombia.   2012-06-20 04:32
Excellent site, thank you. I have some Soviet cams and lenses, all very good. Juan Felipe Gómez.

Steven R   E-mail: Ringwood UK Home page: 2012-04-24 18:45
I still use my Zenit EM on occasion (still got a bit of B&W film to use up). Bought new from Dixons in Huddersfield UK around 1981 or 1982 with money from my Saturday job. Only my Canon digital SLR lasts as long!

Fabrizio Mongioj   E-mail: Roma (Italia)   2012-04-21 13:02
Really a nice site. Rich of information and images. I also collect and use Soviet cameras, SLRs and rangefinders.

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