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sergey   E-mail: Kyiv Home page: 2012-02-26 08:18
Thanks for a good selection of a material.

Tima    Kyiv Home page: 2012-02-26 08:13
Thanks for the qualitative information.

Cezar        2012-02-20 15:20
This site is brilliant, been using it for a long time to recognise which year my cameras have been made! Excellent stuff keep it going :D Learned about new cameras too so positives only haha!

Geoff Oxlade   E-mail: Brisbane/Australia   2012-01-27 02:03
A goldmine of reference information. Thank you so much.

Lily        2012-01-26 21:20
OMG! ... I haven't seen all the page and i'm just ... speechless :D i saw your cameras in retronaut.com and they're AWESOME! Wish you luck from Mexico City!

Brian H.        2012-01-06 01:52
A very interesting website. I have two Russian cameras: a Fed 3 and a Zorki 4. All the best from Nova Scotia, Canada. Brian

Andrzej   E-mail: Wilnius   2012-01-03 20:19
dear all - this is the best my friend ...

Tatyana   E-mail: St. Petersburg Home page: 2011-12-30 21:19
Hello, when are you going to come to us in Russia? Sincerely Tatyana.

Mervyn    Leicester   2011-12-23 16:44
This is an excellent site for camera-obsessed people like myself. I did not realize that there were so many different Russian cameras outside the Smena, Lubitel, Zorki, Fed, Zenith, Kiev ranges. I have three Smenas, a Lubitel & a Zenith. I once bought a Zorki 4 new in the 60s - it worked fine except for uneven exposure across the frame width presumable due to focal plane shutter fault. All the cameras are built like "tanks", even the plastic-bodied ones. Thanks again for an ace site.

Mike raviv   E-mail: Nesher, Israel   2011-12-14 09:18
Great website. It just helped me to identify a GOMZ FK 13x18 which I purchased recently for my collection BSTRGRDS, Mike

Wayne Cornell   E-mail: Boise, Idaho USA Home page: 2011-12-07 03:47
I started collecting Soviet cameras in early 2002. At one time I had more than 100 ranging from an early FED NKVD to Leningrads and Kievs. Now I'm down to about 50 cameras--mostly FEDs and Zorkis. I'm not actively collecting now. You have some excellent information on the variations of the different models. Very informative.

Tarun Mahajan   E-mail: Indore (India)   2011-11-29 13:56
Hi, I have got an old Zenit EM (N 76042064) camera. It is of no use to me. If I could help you in any manner it will be my pleasure. you can mail me at tarunmahajanca@gmail.com or you can SMS at +919893040600

harry   E-mail: Guangzhou(Canton),CHINA/L Home page: 2011-11-13 20:33
thanks for sharing. i would like to write a blog showing the history and models of LOMO LC-A. and request for using some of the information(both pictures and texts) of your page.thank you.

Sumgait1    Worcester   2011-10-30 17:47
Thank you for a most informative site

Click Dastardly    Reading, PA, USA   2011-10-12 03:36
Thank you so much for the great reference information on these old cameras! Fascinating stuff!!

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