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Christopher A. Junker   E-mail: Meadville   2020-01-04 20:44
Best site for "No Name"Kiev research. My "no name" Kiev #6306353 lacks the MADE IN USSR OCCUPIED GERMANY hand engraving. Depending on the starting serial number more than 5000 may have been produced.

Gilles Collas   E-mail: Paris   2020-01-01 18:54
Merci infiniment pour ce fantastique travail. Ce site est une mine d'or pour les passionnés de matériel photo soviétique comme moi.

LeendertCordemans   E-mail: Capelle aan den IJssel   2019-12-24 12:33
Great compliments about this site. a lot of info.. I'm very impressed. Well done.

pkrpkr        2019-12-09 17:12
Compliments for great work! I use your website a lot for identifying these great and undervalued pieces of mechanical achievement.

EST        2019-11-05 12:58
Thanks for all the info! Turns out I have quite an old and rare Zenit-1 with an Industar-22 50mm F3.5

Desmond W    Lilongwe   2019-10-12 12:23
Many thanks for all the work that you have put into this site. A fascinating record with loads of details. I have seen many cameras I have had and used since I was a child: Fed and Fed 50, the Smena/Cosmic Symbol, the Lubitel 166b, and I am currently shooting some b&w on an Agat18. Spasiba!

CHRISTINE SWEETMAN   E-mail: MOONTA   2019-10-11 10:05
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful information you provide on your site. I don't know where I would be without the references to the Soviet Cameras. My late father was a serious collector of vintage cameras, I purchased the collection not knowing a thing about cameras. Your information has provided me with the information to identify all the Russian cameras to date, I have been working on them for two years and still going. Again thank you so much. Chris

Bernd Ratfisch   E-mail: Bremen, Germany   2019-08-23 17:55
What a wonderful homepage! A great camera history. I was looking for my first SLR, which a bought after making a job during the summer holidays in 1969. It was a Revueflex from Zenit. I loved it. The german Enna factory from Munich offered some lenses, like the 1:4,5/240mm for this very special M39 screw mount. All was stolen in 1976...

Will Rinehart   E-mail: College Station, TX   2019-08-02 22:38
Thank you for such a great site! I have a PT4750 Industar 61 with a s/n of 8666636.I got it on ebay from a seller in the ukraine. quite an odd sequence on the s/n.

Peter Brown   E-mail: Lebanon, OH USA Home page: 2019-03-31 14:38
What a fantastic reference. It has allowed me to date my FED's. I was surprised to find that one dated to the time period of 1939-1941. Great work.

Jansin   E-mail: St Davids, Ontario, Canad   2019-02-02 21:03
Enjoyed your website, found some interesting information on the cameras I own.

David Westfall   E-mail: Sturgis, SD   2018-12-27 00:23
Hi. I used the Cambron TTL in the Navy. My daughter used one also when she was in the Navy. She still has hers. I think it was $99 with two lenses and a case back in the day, from Cambridge I think. Enjoyed your site, thanks. David.

Oskar Wolinski   E-mail: Piaseczno   2018-10-25 18:03
An amazing website for all the collectors and a great source of information.

essebi-milano    milano   2018-03-03 20:19
very interesting website. I've found the references to my zorky 4 and 6 I've win by auction. soon I'll send their photo included the lenses photo too

Jose   E-mail: Miami   2018-01-28 13:49
Большое спасибо

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