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Zoli    Petrosani   2010-02-02 11:03
Hi, i have a Lubitel2 2-d camera with an earlier serial number as the one shown here, my sn is: 051014

Morgan   E-mail: Växjö   2010-01-18 00:30
Hej, har skaffat mig en Zorki C2, med Industar 50 / 3,5 Huset nr. 58150195 Obj. nr N5810432 mvh Morgan En mycket fin sida du har Very nice web you got here

Matthew   E-mail: Melbourne Home page: 2010-01-15 22:40
Hi. This site is GREAT! It is such a good reference for, Soviet Camera's! I am in Moscow at the moment, and have been using your site as a guide for the camera's I find in the markets, and one's I'm looking for. Thanks for all the hard work and effort.

Bruno    Zurich   2009-12-30 19:37
Just love your site. I own a rather recent Kiev 4 AM and am now looking forward to a Horizon camera. Love your website for reference of the various cams of former CCCP as I am very interested in the analogue and mechanical photography of the older years. (still use my D 700... of course ;-)

Daniel Sánchez   E-mail: Braunschweig/Germany Home page: 2009-12-18 10:04
This is just an amazing site, congratulations! Very well done, and with tones of models, pictures, informations...just great. I found it looking for informations on my "new" Zorki-C (S), and i found here much much more than i could expect. Now i have to review much more of your web to update some infos in other cameras i have... Thank you and keep this site! Danimann

Oleg   E-mail: Moscow   2009-11-22 21:49
На ебее продается любопытная разновидность ФЭДа. Как вы считаете, это выпускалось заводом или переделка какой-то мастерской: http://cgi.ebay.com/FED-Siberia-original -FED-3-5-50mm-Lens_W0QQitemZ350276883981 QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?ha sh=item518e21160d

Edgar    France   2009-11-20 01:49
Is it true, that some of Soviet cameras was made in the goulags by prisoners?

David O\'Connor   E-mail: Dublin. Ireland   2009-10-29 22:50
My lense is MC Zenitar M2- 2/50 M46 X 0.75 SERIAL NO 98011144 More info on cameras to follow

Paul Desmond   E-mail: London   2009-10-26 17:30
This is great site, I use it all the time, I have an export model Leningrad with a Latin engraving Serial # 642826, with Jupiter 8, serial# 6335267. I thought you could add this to your list.

weston      Home page: 2009-10-26 11:23
I have found much useful and interesting information within your site and it has been a welcomed help to me.

Alexey   E-mail: Krasnodar   2009-10-15 23:19
Спасибо автору за трепетное отношение к любимому делу. Благодаря таким людям нам всем есть что посмотреть и чему поучиться. Огромное спасибо за Ваш сайт! Желаю Вам дальнейшего процветания и покорения новых вершин.

Кирилл   E-mail: Vinnitsya, Ukraine   2009-10-05 17:05
Являюсь владельцем Зенит - Е/ЕТ/11/122 + несколько объективов. интересуюсь советской фототехникой не первый год, но как не странно, именно на этом сайте нашёл такие модели, о которых на русско-язычных сайта даже и не знают. Большое спасибо автору!

Karthikeyan   E-mail: Coimbatore-INDIA   2009-09-13 15:41
I live in india and own a zenit-122 SLR [94168671] with lens MC ZENITAR-M 1.9/50 93010062] screw type and JUPITER -21M 4/200 [94002894] . I am not able to get general service done in India. Is there any way i can sell it .What will it be ita value ? Does ZENITH have SLR cameras. What will it cost and where can i buy it. - karthikeyan

David O\'Connor   E-mail: Dublin, Ireland Home page: 2009-08-27 03:04
Discovered the site, Great, I have two Zenit 35mm and two Kiev, a 4 and a 4M. Superb cameras if a little heavy.. They travel with with me across Ireland, U.K and France I will look in regularly as it is a great site

Emynassy   E-mail: Paris   2009-06-16 12:28
Never ending for the russian camera.. . i use a lomo Lc-A since few years and he's my "favorite eye" everywhere at everytime. Love xx

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